Selection platforms

Waste recovery and disposal activities managed through a platform can be essentially traced back to the following types:

  • Manual selection and compacting of paper/cardboard and plastic coming from separated waste collection or selected at source.
  • Selection manual sorting of bulky waste or hazardous waste  recoverable fractions generic mixed with  or without volume reduction(compaction-shredding).
  • Manual selection to tape (Select cabins)with screenings of fractions recoverable from hazardous waste mixed generic with or without compaction;
  • Volume reduction(compaction-shredding) of mono-material or waste streams of mixed waste destined for recovery or disposal;
  • Processing of used tyres;
  • Shredding wood waste;
  • Simple transshipment of bulky waste, special waste mixed generic or other non-hasardous special waste streams;
  • Stocks(preliminary storage)of support for the management of waste processing or simple transshipment activities.

HYDROS makes platforms that are provided by the highest standards of waste managementm adapting the type, size and Technologies according to the demands of the purchaser or structural needs of the site, putting together  the best solution.