The sedimentators are generally used to clarify water containing solids from multiple production processes. The process takes place through the clarification by sedimentation which, depending on the case, is coaudiuvated by the addition of chemical reagents such flocculants

 There are two kinds of sedimentators.

• Static clarifiers: Normally used to treat a more extensive course; They can have different shapes, depending on the needs, and work for gravitational precipitation of suspensions, turbidity and settleable solids.

• Sedimentator packs -The operating principle is the same static sedimentation; the advantage in the use of plate packs is given above all by the small size of the surface compared to a traditional sedimentation tank; in fact, it  occupies one-tenth of the surface of a classic static sedimentator.

The most common uses are treatment plants (primary and secondary treatment) of industrial process water treatment, galvanic treatment of rain water, separation of inert materials (Marble, granite, sand) textile materials, tannery, chemicals, ceramics, processing metal, industrial coating, dyeing.

HYDROS realizes scraper bridges for setting tanks of circular section of sediments or for the floated sludge.