HYDROS realizes mechanical systems for loading machines and production lines and managed to integrate solutions on existing systems. In the gallery you can see examples of applications built for power lines, presses, assembly stations.

You can also see a system called "Charger pins and bushes"designed and built to be integrated into an existing production system. The customer had the need to be able to integrate a system of automatic feeding of parts with a form of cylindrical bulk content with jackets from other production departments. HYDROS has engineered the solution, built the machine and installed the system that has fully achieved the goals and expectations of the customer.

The machine consists of:

  • A loader hydraulic Filter in which the operator has caissons , containing details from singling out.
  • A transporter which powers the device
  • Selection/device separation using a forklift with oscillating rungs
  • A tape output chain with escapement for powering machines