Leachate treatment is usually a very critical process for the high concentration of organic and inorganic pollutants even for the high variability of the values that make the treatment process much more complex. This variability is a function both of climatic conditions at certain times of the year and also  a result of several chemical reactions that occur in the body of the landfill. It is therefore difficult to speak generally of possible concentrations of elements of leachate and you need to distinguish on a case by case basis.

There are no standard solutions for leachate treatment but also in this case the preliminary engineering phase of work starts from Hydros during which our engineers dimension the process based on surveys and field tests with pilot plants.

The treatment process can then be composed by the use of multiple technologies such as:


-chemical/physical and oxidative processes

-MBR systems

-RO and ultrafiltration

-final disinfection.