The TAF (Treatment of Groundwater Waters) ensures the environmental remediation of groundwater, fitting into an integrated system of interception of the water, in general consisting of a series of "barrier" wells, and conveying the water to the treatment plant for their purification before reuse.
There is also the possibility that water treated migrates towards the contaminated area of the water compromising the action done. It is therefore important, before making this type of treatment, known, through tests in-situ and in the laboratory, the location of contaminant sources (type, nature and extent, chemical characteristics of pollutants) and the hydrogeological characteristics of the area must be reclaimed .

Hydros realizes fixed and containerized plant solutions designed and customized for your specific needs. Among the various treatment sections to be used as part of a TAF design and build:
- Package Preparation for pilot tests
- MPE systems for pumping the liquid phase and gaseous
- Skid pumping and relaunch
- Filtration systems
- Adsorbers with activated carbon for liquid phase and gaseous phase
- Stripping columns