HYDROS was founded in 1999 by the many lessons learned from its founding in the design of automatic machines and technological systems.

The company Mission is to offer itself as an ideal partner for the study and resolution of problems related to specific needs which inventor and maker of ad-hoc solutions with a high degree of customization.

The variety of applications designed, engineered, built and put in place are a tangible sign of how HYDROS operates with seriousness and responsibility to achieve its goals.The constant effort put at the disposal of the customers has allowed us to expand our business by acquiring expertise and important references in the construction of machines and plants.

We faced and succesfully solved the problems of all kind, in various productive sectors, from to petrolchemicals, Always working with the same method: customer support, analysis and implementation feasibility, detali design, developement and construction, installation on site, operator training and after sales service.

For this reason, HYDROS is the ideal partner for the solution of specific problems.