In addition to the construction of reservoirs and filtering Towers, HYDROS also produces waste distribution systems using rotating reels.

Hydros realizes distribution systems for circular section basins with rotating system. The rotating system is designed and constructed Hydros is able to support very high loads and also ensures minimum friction and therefore operations of the percolator, also in very low pressure conditions.

The Typical HYDROS rotary distributors are made at least with two suitably balanced distribution arms with oppositive arms and supported in function of the diameter of the reservoir by suitable tie rods adjustable systems.

The slurry is spread on the basin through a series of self-regulating nozzles positioned along the arms of the distributors and the reel rotates through the hydraulic thrust of the same slurry. In specific cases motorized reels can be employed alternatively reels to hydraulic thrust if the lifting system does not ensure the rotation.

The angular speed of rotation of the reel is variable as a function of the hydrodynamic thrust and is usually between 45 and 250 revolutions times and is adjustable (down) through a mechanical system present on the slewing ring.
The construction running standards of our reels provides the use of SS304 but alternatively may also be made of SS316 or carbon steel with zinc treatment and / or painting.
The propulsion of the rotating system can be hydrodynamically or alternately the same motorized