Doors for Biocells

Hydros manufacture special watertight doors for biocells closing. The doors are built in order to assure the complete watertight ( on tge four side) preventing the steam/odour outlet They are built with a simple machanism to assure an easy use also for big doors.

They can be built with several opening mechanism: electrohydraulic, electomechanical and mechanical manual system. In presence of multicells the lifting system can be the same for more doors so we can reduce the investment costs.

They are equipped with safety system (active or passive) for over pressure or vacuum.

I portoni, abitualmente sono realizzati con le parti a contatto, lato bunker, in acciaio inox SS316 e con le parti meccaniche in acciaio comune o con trattamento di zincatura a caldo. I portoni, così come per tutte le nostre applicazioni, vengono progettati adhoc in funzione delle esigenze di impianto.

The doors are usually manufactured with:

  • Wetted parts (bunker side) in special materials as Stainless steel
  • Mechanical parts with painting or HDG treatments

The doors, as for every our equipment, are designed to cover the needs of the customer.