Ready to use plants

“The delivery can be made ready to use, starting from the engineering process until the start-up with the building and the delivery of the various parts of the plant , for eg:

  • Biocells in concrete bunker or mobile system with:
  • Aeraulic systems
  • Full air floor
  • watertight doors with several opening and movement systems.
  • Control management Software

Mechanical biological treatment (TMB) consists of various stages:

• Mechanical treatment of undifferentianted refusal: Refusal is screened to separate two fractions of trade(lightweight dry-wet fraction)from start to subsequent treatment systems and /or exploitation.

  • Biological treatment of wet fraction, whose goal is the stabilization of organic degradable components;
  • Treatment of dry-light fraction, through recovery, recycling or energy recovery

The purpose of the TMB are:

  • Stabilization of decomposable organic (FOP)
  • Achieve a partial mass sanitation;
  • Reducing the volume and mass of treated materials. 


In Europe we distinguish two types of mechanical-biological treatments in which flows a mechancal pretreatment

  • Incoming waste to the system allows fraction(under) further notice to any further treatment with subsequent exploitation and/or energy recovery:
  • Mechanical -biological treatments unique flow in which incoming waste to the plant undergoes mechanical treatment, biological treatment while    confined to a simple laceration and splittering of the refusal.


HYDROS installs biostabilization plants starting from the provisions of the highest standards of waste management, adapting the type, size and Technologies according to the demands of the purchaser or structural needs of the site, putting together the best solution.