HYDROS realizes sluice gates that can be used in channel or tub and achievable with different geometries, can be adapted to the specific condition request.

All gates  can be realized with complete sealing systems on 4 sides or even sealed on three sides(typical case of sluice gate channel)can be manufactured in carbon steel with painted or galvanized or stainless steel (SS304 or SS316).

They are, depending on the size and use, equipped with manual gearbox or motorized drive systems with actuators. It can be integrated in addition to systems that can make them tel-manageable, that can be activated automatically by a measuring level or flow rate etc. etc. The sewage spreads the pelvis through a series of auto-adjustable nozzles positioned along the arms of the distributors and the reel rotates through the hydraulic of the same thrust of the same sewage. Motorized reels can be used in specific cases as an alternative to hydraulic thrust reels if the pumping station does not guarantee rotation. The anguar velocity of rotation of reel is variable according to the hydrodinamic thrust and usually ranges between 45 and 250 laps times and is adjustable(down) through a mechanical system on the sewing centreline.

Standard construction of our reels uses SS304 but alternativeley they can be motorized.